When a tooth is missing, your teeth harden to help you chew food, thus proving it is possible to live a gappy life, however neglecting these gaps can cause serious issues as you get older, but are the gaps in your mouth causing gaps in your life? You have two options.

What are dentures and implants? How do I know what will work best for me? How much will this cost me? We hear your questions and we are here to help.

Dentures are a removable replacement for missing teeth, and gives you one of two options: a full set, where all teeth are missing, or a partial set, where they are inserted between natural teeth. They can be inserted as soon as there is removal of teeth, and there is no healing period you will have to experience without teeth. However, bones and gums are prone to shrink after some time, especially after removal of teeth. This can consequently mean that the dentures you had fitted immediately after tooth removal will not fit as well as time progresses and may need remaking.

Dental implants may replace a single tooth or full set also, but these are permanently installed to the jawbone by a screw and a crown that closely matches your natural teeth colour. They look, feel and work like natural teeth and you don’t have to worry about the food you can and can’t eat, and it has been proven that early replacement of missing teeth can stop bone loss and maintain your facial profile!

How do you know if dentures or implants will work best for you? Dentures have the potential to slip out of place whilst eating or even speaking, and partial dentures could lead to infection in surrounding teeth if they aren’t fitted correctly. Nevertheless, dentures could be right for you if your gums, jaw or bone ability are unhealthy or weak.

Dental implants are proving to become more and more popular as it is a permanent process, however it is important to sit and talk to an implant dentist before progressing to undergo treatment. Book now at The New Tooth Company. for a consultation, call us on 01622 630700 and fill in the gaps!

Picking up bad habits that could complicate your oral health in later life? Check. Each of us as individuals have a unique set of pearly whites, and a unique set of habits that could be detrimental to our oral health as we get older.


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