Christmas, otherwise known as the season of overindulgence, is upon us. Combining the abundance of sweet treats and fizzy wine can cause you to enter the danger zone of oral health, and while we don’t want to ruin anybody’s spirits, please note Christmas is a dentist's worst nightmare.

To prevent you from ruining any festivities over the yuletide occasion, the team at The New Tooth Company have come up with some top tips!

  • Cheese. We know that sometimes, savoury does not beat sweet, especially on Christmas day. Mince pies, Christmas pudding and a tin full of chocolate delights may satisfy any cravings, but we can assure you that it does not satisfy your teeth, so we turn to cheese to help. Cheeseboards are not only part of Christmas traditions, but are also brilliant for keeping your teeth tip-top.  Eating cheese is proven to send your mouth back to natural acid levels, and reduces the risk of tooth decay.

  • Tools. As we explained in one of our previous blogs, teeth are not tools, and Christmas is not an excuse to let this one slide. Although opening beer bottles, or biting into your favourite nutshell with your teeth may be your best party trick, your teeth are not appreciating it. To avoid any dental breakages over the joyful season, keep the correct tool for the job handy so it does not interfere with you missing out on any merriments!

  • Moderation. Moderation is definitely our number one tip, especially over Christmas. It is important to not have to worry about what you’re consuming, which is why we believe it’s ok to say no to that extra slice of cake. Rather have a glass of milk instead of the last glass of fizz. Putting your oral health at risk can easily be prevented by keeping an eye on how much sugar you are consuming.

Keep in mind what you are consuming, and limit your indulgence to a few days. Remember that you only get one adult set of natural teeth in your life, and make sure all you want for Christmas is joy and happiness, not only your two front teeth!

Here at The New Tooth Company we specialise in dental implants and restoring your confidence. If your teeth are already a problem, why not book a consultation with us and give yourself the best present this Christmas.

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