2016 is here, and so are the “New Year New Me” sayings. While resolutions are being made (and also being broken), people tend to forget about oral health when making resolutions. New Year’s resolutions are usually made to help us better ourselves and build confidence,  we need to remember that dental health adds to overall well-being, and is just as important as looking after the rest of your body.

Our patients gain the confidence they have been looking for when visiting The New Tooth Company. It is well known that smiling improves your mood, and brings a general feel-good factor to your day.  If the thought of flashing your pearly whites gets you down, make 2016 your year to do something about it.

Looking after your teeth is so important! Take our client Paul who lost his front teeth in his 20’s and was wearing a removable denture before he came to New Tooth. With just 8 months of treatment, from initial consultation to the final implant, he was ready to leave with a brand new smile and a new powerful confidence. “You don’t realise you’ve lost your confidence, until you’ve got it back. And I didn’t realise it affected me that much.” – Paul, The New Tooth Company Patient, 2015. 

When discussing 2016 resolutions, one for many people is to cut out the alcohol, Dry January is a great opportunity for a detox after the indulging festive period. Most resolutions such as cutting out alcohol and fast food will reduce your sugar intake, therefore one of the many ways to improving your oral health. This will lower sugar levels instantly and will give your teeth a well-deserved break.

It’s New Year, and you vow to change your habits, so why make excuses for your oral health? If changing your oral health and hygiene has been on your list of resolutions for many years, make 2016 the year to change. For information on our implants and an idea of pricing, see: www.thenewtooth.co/pricing

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