Generally, most people associate the idea of losing a tooth in conjunction with aging - however this isn’t always the case. For many adults today, there is often a higher risk of complication involving dental and gum health (which can sometimes lead to gum disease), or deterioration of the jaw line - all of which can lead to tooth loss at all ages Lifestyle choices can also have an impact on tooth retention and dental health. 

There have been many behavioural effects of tooth loss reported in the UK, including physically hiding your teeth when you laugh, and restricting how much you smile to avoid showing any gaps or areas of empty gum. These behavioural changes can be an indication of low self esteem, low confidence, and, in rare cases, even depression. Dental implant treatment to replace lost teeth can therefore have an immensely positive psychological impact.

More and more people all over the UK are getting dental implants, and not just for loss of teeth. Dental implants can help your facial profile, give you a fixed solution to removable dentures or even just give you your confidence back.

In a recent study by P.I. Branemark, eighty-nine percent of patients treated with dental implants reported that their psychological health improved compared to before their treatment! After treatment, someone might feel more confident in striking up a conversation with someone new, proving that a simple procedure can have more positive social interactions in life.

Dental implants can help not only rebuild your smile, but can also rebuild your happiness. Get in contact with a member of our friendly team to discuss your treatment needs, and kickstart your journey with The New Tooth Company today.

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