Our patients elect to receive dental implant surgery for a number of reasons, from the need for simple cosmetic changes to life-changing new dental functionality and facial changes - and the benefits of dental implants can be immense. We’ve collated some of the reasons why you might consider dental implants below!


Missing Teeth & Gaps Between Teeth

If you have a gap in your smile, large sections of missing teeth, or even failing teeth in your mouth, then dental implants can be a long-lasting solution to your needs - particularly if you want to avoid having to get traditional dentures, or want to move away from your existing dentures.

Cosmetic Benefits

As dental implants look and behave just like your natural teeth and because they are attached to the bone, they can potentially restore your facial features, as well as bringing back your smile and helping  self- confidence. As they don’t require any adhesive to fix in place, or nightly removal, it can be hard to tell the difference between implants and your natural teeth. There should also be no affect on your ability to enunciate words, or which foods you can and cannot eat - unlike with traditional dentures or braces.


More Comfortable And Convenient


Badly fitting dentures can affect your dental health, and in some cases cause you to slur when you speak as they often slide up and down. You may find that you have to use dental adhesive to keep your dentures in place, which can be both messy and unpleasant for patients. However, dental implants are a permanent fixture intended to replace your natural teeth and as such they look and function exactly the same as your real teeth - without the need for adhesive - and can help to restore your confidence as well as general well being. 


Easy To Keep Clean

Since dental implants function the same as your natural teeth, when it comes to cleaning the same rules apply of regular brushing and flossing - without any need for removal or any of the other extra steps that come with using traditional dentures or similar solutions. 

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