Dental Implant Treatments

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What are dental implants?

dental implants

They are small titanium screws that replace the roots of missing teeth. The screws integrate with the bone in the jaw and hold the replacement teeth firmly in place.

We can use them to hold both single crowns and multiple tooth bridgework. The final result looks, feels and works like natural teeth.


What are the benefits of Dental implants?


  • Giving millions of people their confidence and smile back.
  • Providing a fixed replacement of missing teeth without the need to overload or damage any adjacent teeth.
  • Early replacement of missing teeth can stop bone loss and maintain your facial profile.
  • Allowing you to have fixed teeth so you can eat all the food you want to.
  • Preventing you having to wear removable dentures, thus giving back chewing and taste.



What System do we use?

Every month over 30,000 Adin Implants are placed in patients Worldwide!

At The New Tooth Company we use the Adin system.  The Adin Company has been manufacturing high quality root devices and components for over 20 years. They provide first class components using leading edge technologies and materials, ensuring a product produced meeting the highest standards.

ADINAdin is at the forefront of research and development in manufacturing within this industry and have developed the specialist OsseoFix surface, which has been shown to out perform its competitors (New York University).