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Bone Grafting for Dental Implants

Why Does Your Treatment Plan Include Grafting?

Following the loss of teeth, the area of the jaw can shrink - which can then be a cause of problems when trying to secure your new Dental Implants. The New Tooth Company employs a variety of available techniques to mitigate shrinking, and uses grafting to increase jaw area prior to Dental Implant installation.  

What Techniques Can Repair Dental Damage?

The New Tooth Company team has developed repair techniques that utilise graft material derived from cattle, which can be used to fill skin defects and act like a scaffold for your own bone to grow around - thus repairing dental damage.

For larger defects, techniques include the use of block grafts. These grafts are derived from from either a donor or your own bone where possible. Block graft techniques are particularly useful in areas where there has been significant damage and implants would not otherwise be effective.

What Materials Do We Use? 


The bone grafting materials used throughout The New Tooth Company are provided by Botiss Biomaterials. Botiss are leaders in the development of graft materials and solutions for the Dental Implant industry. Their collaboration with world leaders in Implant Dentistry has lead to the development of grafting products tailored to specific clinical needs.

Botiss Maxgraft® Bonebuilder technology also provides made to measure block grafts which reduce the amount of surgery required in the course of the treatment, and provides solutions for people lacking in suitable jaw bone for implants.