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Sinus Lifts for Dental Implants

What is a sinus lift?

Dental implants require sufficient bone height in order to establish sufficient support for long-term implant success. Following the loss of back teeth in the upper jawbone, sinus height can often start to reduce due to changes to the air sinus within the jaw. The New Tooth Company Sinus Lift is a technique for grafting in this area to improve sinus heigh, so that sufficiently long implants can be placed, dependent on patient treatment needs.


sinus lift for dental implants


Our expert team often carries out sinus grafts at the same time as implant placements - giving patients much more flexibility over their treatment plans. On occaisions where there is very little bone remaining, the graft has to be carried out and left to heal before implants are placed. At every stage of the process, patient needs are taken into full consideration alongside treatment requirements to give every New Tooth Company patient the best experience possible.

Sinus lift video