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Dental Implant Cost

Below is a list of the services you we provide and a clear outline of dental implant costs and pricing.

At The New Tooth Company we believe in transparency. We understand the importance of knowing how much you may have to pay for your teeth implants, and how crucial it is for you to get an idea of how much you will pay for each dental implant treatment.

Our services are fully costed, explaining how much assessment and dental implants cost.

Assessment and Advice.

The majority of our assessment and advice services are provided free, including telephone advice, an initial consultation with one of our implant surgeons and your discussions with the implant coordinator. We do however charge for a low dose Cone Beam CT scan, usually taken at the initial consultation. 

Telephone advice before, during and after assessment. Free
Initial consultation with Implant Surgeon (including thorough examination andassessment, Panoramic X-ray if required, discussion of treatment plan and options). Free
All discussions with Implant coordinator and detailed costing(carried out following your implant surgeon consultation) Free
Low dose Cone Beam CT scan (usually taken at initial consultation) £95


Dental implants.

Below is the outline of individual teeth implant costs for our standard dental implants, implants supporting multiple tooth bridges, full arch restorations and teeth on 4 or teeth on 6 implants.

Our standard implants are dental implants with titanium abutment and bonded porcelain crown. For dental implants supporting multiple tooth bridges, the prices increase in line with the number of teeth being replaced, the number of implants being fitted and the number of tooth bridges. Tooth implant prices of this particular kind range from £2,365 to £3,735.

Completed dental implants with titanium abutment and bonded porcelain crown. £995


Dental implants supporting multiple tooth bridges.

Including implants, titanium abutments and bonded porcelain bridges.

Replacing 3 teeth with 2 implants with 3 tooth bridge    £2,365
Replacing 4 teeth with 2 implants with 4 tooth bridge    £2,740
Replacing 4 teeth with 3 implants with 4 tooth bridge    £3,360
Replacing 5 teeth with 3 implants with 5 tooth bridge £3,735


Full arch restorations.

For those seeking full arch restorations, our prices vary depending on the nature of the restoration required and recommended by your dental implant consultant, as outlined below.

Full arch implant supported bonded porcelain bridge £8,220
2 Implants to support an overdenture £3,790
4 implants to support an overdenture    £5,450


Teeth on 4 implants/ Teeth on 6 implants.

Our dental implant costs for teeth on 4 and teeth on 6 implants vary based on the kind of teeth implant you require.

Full arch on 4 implants (Hybrid fixed denture)    £8,275
Full arch on 6 implants (Hybrid fixed denture) £10,565

All teeth implant prices are subject to patient suitability and sufficient bone and gum available for simple implant placement. Additional dental procedures such as guided bone regeneration, ridge manipulation, bone grafting, and sinus lifts will be charged separately.

Payment terms.

The fees for the treatment are charged in stages during the treatment period at 0% interest. We accept all major credit cards and debit cards excluding American Express.